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Poshdoll spa is readily to offer you a healthy and beauty treatment. The Spa strives to deliver top class treatments from head to toe under one roof in a relaxing environment.

Whether you want a new look for that special occasion or you are ready for a complete rejuvenation, Posh Beauty Salon and Spa is simply the best Spa in Dar es Salaam for total body care. Our optimal goal is to provide unparalleled customer service, while at the same time guaranteeing a spa experience of your life.

Posh spa aims to bring all your beauty needs under one roof. Offering everything you need such as massage, body scrub, morocco bath, stem bath facial and salon services such as pedicure and manicure, hair treatment, waxing services, make up, henna tattoo.

Posh is for all hence we aim to ensure that we can offer all the popular treatments to the highest of standards at affordable price. Our services have a dedicated and talented stylists, therapist and beautician’s team who take the time to listen and understand your individual needs.

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