Medith Home Decor LTD company offer services from concept to completion, when thinking of building a home, clients starts with land sourcing and location.
Architectural drawing preparations and incase of more than one storey structure the client will also need structural drawings, depending on the nature of the work we will help client to get approvals from the municipal for projects permits.
We employ professional designers, project managers, craftsmen and tradesman as part of Medith team, we regularly work with several other professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Land surveyors, plumbers, Electricians etc. and for that case we will only recommend to you the best.
However we will also be glad to work with client’s Architect or designers that have a pre-existing relationship.
We also do custom design for kitchens, bathrooms and closets, moreover we import home custom finishing materials like roof tiles, ceramics, lights, furniture, toiletries and other home décor as per client’s needs.
We will be proud to help you with custom design and build to your exact specification and expectations.
Lending our experience and expertise with regards to scope and scale, making sure you get the most bang for your buck!

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